Thursday, 26 November 2020

SOCOO Square Gallon Water Bottle

Are you looking for a perfect Half Gallon water bottle to ensure that you have drunk enough water everyday?

Here, SOCOO 91 oz Water Jug will help you to keep hydrated during the training, fitness, gym, hiking, travel, any indoor and outdoor activities, you should drink daily between 1.5 -3 liters of liquid, depending on the activity and sunlight. So 2.7 L drinking bottle is your first choice instead of the 2 liter water bottle.

This Square Water Bottle is patented, very popular and praised constantly, see below:

1. Amazing Idea! Gym users rejoice!

2. Can take photos and videos when you work out alone, saves you from asking strangers at the gym to record my workouts.

3. Absolutely good idea to holding phones when you working out! It’s a good way to see your workout routines instead of Taking it out of your pockets

4.There are so many cool features this bottle comes with.You can attach your phone or keys to it which is very convenient at the gym or when you’re outdoors....

So, with the SOCOO BPA free bottles you have the ideal partner for sports and leisure activities. These high quality, reusable bottles are extremely lightweight and sturdy, it's easy for you to carry to anywhere.The wide-mouth opening makes cleaner and easier filling- even ice cubes fit into the water bottle, you can use the flip or s/s cap for drinking, it's so easy and convenient to use!!! Choose SOCOO Gallon Water Jug, choose a healthier lifestyle.

Use and Care Tips For this plastic bottle:

1. Do not put in the freezer,don't hold hot liquid above 50℃, not dishwasher safe.

2. Don’t leave it in car on a hot day to avoid crack and broken; Not Anti-drop,  it will be broken if drop from height when it’s filled with water as the material limit

3. Clean with baking soda and vinegar

4. It's not insulated, so it will sweat

  • PERFECT FOR GYM】: There is magnetic holder for holding your phone, keys instead of leaves your stuff on the dirty gym floor. When you attached the phone to the bottle, it’s a good way to see your workout routines instead of Taking it out of your pockets, very cool experience.

  • PATENT SQUARE DESIGN】: Our square water bottle is with Appearance Design Patent, which is very unique and special and different from round shape, you will be the most attractive people when you using this Lightweight jug in gym and fitness.

  • BPA FREE PLASTIC】: This fitness bottle is Non-toxic, Food Safe, multi-functional and as a 91 ounce instead of 64 ounce water bottle, you no need to refill your water all the time. it’s leak proof and the flip top cap is easy to drink from, and also a stainless steel cap/lid backup, 2pcs caps there. Wide lip allows for easily adding ice. Two handles - one strap and one handle built in the portable bottle, it’s very convenient to carry

  • SEE!! WHAT'S PRINTING?】- With motivational words/slogan and time marker on the reusable water bottles, it can boost your daily intake of water and never get dehydrated! Very Perfect for fitness goals such as tracking water intake, diet during a detox or pregnancy. Nourish your body and refresh your mind with every sip. To achieve any goals, for a healthier life.


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