Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Ear Plugs by EAJO (EARJOY)

Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Silicone Reusable Moldable Noise Cancelling Reduction Sound Blocking Earplugs for Swimming, Snoring, Concerts, Airplanes, Musicians,Shooting



  • MOULDABLE TO YOUR EAR: Small ear canals, or large the soft silicone allows you to custom mould the anti snoring / snoring relief ear plugs to your unique ear shape.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL: These ear plugs for sleeping are made from superior quality silicon, a special material which takes the shape of your auditory channel for the ultimate comfortable experience!

  • WASHABLE AND REUSABLE: We also include a protective case to conveniently store your reusable plugs, keeping them fresh and re moldable. Easy to clean with warm soapy water the travel case keeps them safe when they are not in use.

  • CONVENIENT SET: Order these comfortable silicone earplugs and you’ll receive a great deal value with 6 pairs of plugs and a practical, ergonomic storage case, for keeping and easy transportation!

What makes our product unique?

With over 10 Years’ experience we endeavour to innovate products of the highest quality for our customers. At Soundbloc we use a high-grade premium silicone which ensures comfort even with prolonged use. Our durable formula allows for a longer lasting earplug.

Amazingly comfortable ear plugs for sleeping

Roll them up, and press them in!Our noise cancelling earplugs for sleeping are utterly comfortable to wear all night long. They stay in place even if you move around a lot at night, or sleep on your side.


How to Insert

To insert this type of earplugs, hold the earplug by the stem and then insert the earplug very carefully into your ear canal. 

You should feel a pressurized seal.  Do not force the ear plug and if you feel any discomfort, then you're doing it wrong, so please stop immediately.  You should not have to force the earplug for a comfy fit.

At EarJoy, we work passionately to create products with simplicity and usability. We talk & listen to our customers and value every constructive feed.

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