Thursday, 24 October 2019

Lebanon is on FIRE

The leaderless protests were triggered by new proposed taxes, and have escalated into a nationwide revolt against the country's sectarian-based leaders whom the demonstrators accuse of corruption and mismanagement.

Aoun, in a televised address to the nation, called Hariri's reform package "the first step to save Lebanon and remove the spectre of financial and economic collapse".

He pledged to fight state corruption as demanded by hundreds of thousands of protesters, saying he would back new laws, including proposals for legislation that would lift bank secrecy and scrap immunity from presidents, ministers and legislators - moves that could pave the way for investigations.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun has expressed willingness to meet protesters to find the best solution for the country's worsening economic crisis, and suggested a government reshuffle was on the table.

Both Hariri and Aoun have warned that a government resignation would lead to another vacuum, at a time the country desperately needs a government to enact reforms to help the struggling economy.

However, he did say there was "a need to review the current government". "My call to demonstrators: I am ready to meet your representatives that carry your concerns to listen to your specific demands. You will hear from us about our fears over financial collapse," he said. "Dialogue is always the best for salvation. I am waiting for you."

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